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The best local restaurant

Moving to Lincolnshire has been a success overall. Four years ago we were living in a small house in Oxfordshire while both working to pay the mortgage. A normal story for most people! We hated it.

So, the four of us, Penny, Emily, Toby and I moved up to Lincolnshire where houses were cheaper and where we had some friends and family already. Penny gave up work for a while and life at home eased off for us all. We now had time at the weekends to spare and we were spending time at the weekends doing the things we wanted to do rather than the previous half day on Saturday in the local supermarket.

Through the children, we have made some good friends in the village and our social life has taken off. Compared to our hermit-like existence in the south, we are having a very good time up here. Fresh air, good friends, good schools and more time.

Before I sound too smug, the major difference that struck us were the local pubs in Lincolnshire are quite different from those in Oxfordshire. In Oxfordshire, gastro pubs are everywhere. In Lincolnshire they are like hen’s teeth. The standard fayre here is meat and two veg with lashings of gravy, which can be good but generally it’s not very appetising in the local pubs.

The first pub we went to after moving to Lincolnshire was The Hare & Hounds in Haconby. We arrived one evening, walked up to the back door and promptly turned back within about ten seconds of enetering the premises. The smell of stale chip fat was enough to put us off within moments. (I never believed I would become a food snob. I remember how bored I was when eating with my parent and thier friends when they talked about food).

Four years have passed by since then, and the number of good pubs and restaurants is increasing. The Olive Branch in Clipsham, Smiths in Bourne and The Hare & Hounds in Haconby. ‘Hang on! Did you say The Hare & Hounds in Haconby?’

I did. Two weeks ago, Penny and I went out for supper at the Hare & Hounds with some good friends and had the best food we have had since moving up here. The new co-owner, Amir, has come up from London and decided to buy the pub after having been disappointed with the lack of good places to eat in Lincolnshire. Funny, that…

We ate delicious food, drank good wine and the staff were friendly. Before we left, we asked for a taxi to take us the few miles back to our village. After a short while, Amir said there were no taxis available but he would drive us home! Splendid.

Amir told us about his business on the drive back home and how he had had to disappoint the locals by not providing their traditional fayre and sticking to his guns. I am glad he has. It took us eighteen months to realise he had bought the pub and I wish we had gone earlier.

I recommend a visit if you are up this way. For more details on how to find Amir visit their web site: http://www.threepeas.co.uk/about_us.htm

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