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Young Enterprise

Monday mornings are, for the most part, a slog. I get up at 5-30am to drive from my Lincolnshire home to the office I work in near Bracknell for the week. But this last Monday was different.

I had been asked by an old work colleague of mine who now teaches busiess studies to present to their Year 10 (15 year olds) about Enterprise and being an enterprising person. I had fifteen minutes to talk to them about my career and business at the start of their ‘Enterprise Day.’ I was at the Cherwell School in Oxford.

I had to think long and hard about my audience. Getting 15 year olds to get excited about business was going to be a challenge, or so I thought. I related what I had done since leaving school to business by showing how the skills I had learned had helped me in business. I asked how many had paper rounds and how many had weekend jobs. A few put their hands up. I asked how many had a mobile phone. Virtually all of them had a mobile phone!

My fifteen minutes were up so I followed on the sit in on a a group as they started their enterprise day with a lesson on marketing. I was amazed by their enthusisam and insight into brands and understanding on how manufacturers use them.

I had to leave fairly swiftly, unfortunately. But I came away feeling elated that I had at least enthused them in a small way about business. I said I would do more presentations for the staff who organised the day. I might also volunteer for Business Dynamics, the not-for-profit organisation that works with schools and businesses to help students understand business life.

I also thought I saw a way to put some more energy into what the schools were trying to do…! It’s very good to get out of my normal environment and see other opportunities and ideas.

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