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Terminal at 5 – What a shame

Who wants to travel by air nowadays? I think most people do, judging by the number of people taking cheap flights. And the laughable events at Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport this week did reinforce my plans to try to take trains more when possible.

I dislike flying. I am not worried about the take off and landing or getting shot down by terrorists. It’s the infuriating hassle we have to go through and the feeling of handing your life over to the airline for the time that you enter the airport to when you leave it at your destination.

It starts before you even hand over your passport. It starts when you try to find the car park which is miles away from the terminal. And when you get to the terminal you are more than likely to queue and hang around in a crowded, noisy ‘hanger’ with a bunch of equally fed up passengers.

But this week I felt sorry for the staff at the check-in desks at Terminal 5. The news that they were not familiar with the new systems and they could not log in to their computers just brought it home how the staff had been let down by their senior management who had been swanking about good the whole thing was the week before.

The ‘management’ appeared to have paid lip service to the training for their staff and they paid the price. All that new equipment, all that money and they didn’t train their staff and allow them to practice before their customers arrived.

When money is tight, training always gets cut early and I hope the arrogant senior management at BA and BAA feel suitability ashamed of themselves and learn their lesson that people make businesses work and that people need to be trained properly. It will save you a lot of money and it will help you keep that egg of your face.

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