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Joni Mitchell was right…

There are certain moments in life which make one reflect on how trashy people can be and how they can strip away the dignity of something very special.

Two things brought this to mind this week. One happened a while ago but one of the moments happened when reading a newspaper this week.

Back in 2001, the Taliban in Afghanistan blew up the 2,000 year old Bamiyan Buddha statues because of their religious views.

I admit, I had not heard of them before the news story but it was, nevertheless, both shocking and saddening how stupid people can be. What did they hope to gain by doing that?

But, more recently, the Chinese have recently completed a road which ends up at base camp below Mount Everest so that the Olympic Torch can be taken to the summit more easily.

Once that has been achieved, then the floodgates will crash down and hoards of tourists will start pouring into base camp and snapping photos, buying plastic Mount Everest’s or Mount Qomolangma and eating Big Mac’s while waiting for the portaloo to become free.

Apart from that, the Chinese have also run rough shod over the sacredness of the mountain for the local Tibetans and without thought to the damage to the environment.

Mount Everest is still a formidable climb apparently but it is becoming more and more of a theme park from the view over here and the mysticism of the place is rapidly flowing away. The spirit of adventure is suddenly something which becomes a corporate commodity so that people boast that they have climbed Everest and made it to the top by following the hand rail.

There is hope that perhaps they can get a dustbin lorry up there to take away all of the rubbish that is already there but Joni Mitchell was right about that parking lot on paradise.

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