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Bombay Diaries – 27 Sep

I only felt like I was India when I got out of the airport in Mumbai, hit the humidity and found myself surrounded by a load of hawkers trying to get paid for carrying my bag when only one of them had carried it for me. Leo, who I travelled out with from the UK, suggested that the amount I paid the chap who carried my bag was far too much (he is an old hand). I got into the car, driven by Ashok, and we drove off.

I had been in India for less than an hour and I had already been ripped off, confirming my theory that you always get ripped within the first 24 hours of being in a country for the first time.

Ashok drove Leo and I to our hotel , the Grand Hyatt, where suddenly we were back in the ‘West’. Air-conditioning, marble, bars, sofas everywhere and lots of people in suits.

Mumbai 012

There, I dropped my bags off in my room and went to meet the other guys, Steve and Liam, who have been out here for a number of weeks already on the assignment.

We met in the ‘China Lounge’ in the hotel basement which is a nightclub and was packed with lots of young Indians drinking and smoking.

So, that was my first glimpse of India.  Hawkers at the airport, and Indian rich kids in the nightclub. I expect my view of India will expand beyond this in the next few days.

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