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Bombay Diaries – 12 Oct

We left our bubble this morning after some luxury on Saturday of sitting by the pool, swimming, time in the gym, a massage (for me) and the usual stupendous food in our hotel, to see the slums more closely in Mumbai.

It was quite overwhelming just how many people were living in this way and getting through each day. Our driver, Ashok, took us first through an area of town where they break cars and resell the parts. Everything you could ever want for a ‘Tata’ car or other types could have been found in this dusty, hot and and chaotic part of the city.

Our main aim was to see a slum area in the city which is well known for its leather work. Three of us, Leo, Liam and I were in for some interesting sights. Bombay 003 The area is called Tavira, I think, and it has a large Muslim population, judging by the number of mosques dotted amongst its wriggly tin shacks and houses. The first thing that struck us was the old man asleep on the floor on the pavement. We nearly trod on him because he just looked like a collection of old rags.

There was a female beggar and goats making the most of the litter lying around the place. We brushed past them to get to a bridge which gave us the view of the edge of the slum area. You can see for yourself the litter everywhere.

A little further up, we saw more sights of the slum which showed just how squalor people are living in everyday. The water pipe which passed through the area was virtually covered in rubbish at points and, being about 10 feet tall, this was amazing amount of litter. Bombay 008Bombay 007  If you look more closely at the alleys below, you could see the open sewer running through them.  

Further down the road, there were more small children playing in the busy streets amongst the dirt and faeces on the pavements.

We have often seen small children defecating in the street quite openly. The challenge of life is extreme. There is only water available to them for a couple of hours per day each morning.

Bombay 016

This little girl was playing on the roadside and, understandably, looked bemused by our appearance suddenly.

We had had enough by this stage and Ashok took us back to the hotel and to our ivory tower.

Later on, Ashok drove Liam and I to Pune which would be our home for the next two days while we carried out a training session for the staff in the Three Mobile. 


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