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Christmas Correctness!!

Celebrating is what you do at this time of the year in this country. In India, Diwali is celebrated with as much, if not more vigour. In fact, this Diwali I was in Pune where the noise from the fireworks was so intense that I thought I was in Baghdad when the Americans bombed it. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. That’s right, everyone enjoyed it

Yet, somehow in the UK now, we are gradually being edged away from being able to celebrate Christmas without someone thinking they will offend somebody.

Take this, for example. My daughter is in her school choir. She’s eleven and the choir has been practicing carols for some time now, in preparation for a short spell in the major shopping centre in Peterborough.

However, this week the ‘management’ said they would not be allowed to sing carols in case it offended someone. They can only sing songs. Meanwhile, all of the shops in the centre will carry on the incessant loop of Christmas pop songs which started in, oh, about August.

Yes, it has offended some people. Namely anyone who has any sense. But,I doubt that a Christmas carol will offend anybody any more than when Indian friends in Pune brought me in some special food the day before Diwali and showed concern that I was going to be on my own in the hotel on the day.

The local shopping centre in Peterborough should take a look in the mirror and take a guess at which Dickens character is looking back at them and then feel very ashamed of their decision when see exactly which one it is staring back at them with its pale face, furrowed brow and the chain keeping its jaw kept tight shut.

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Pune, India
Pune, India
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