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Back to social networking blues

Three days back at work and you wouldn’t know that you had been off work. Well, apart form that I have just started a great new job in an exciting business.

My first day was very revealing about the use or misuse of Facebook! The number of people who had written their true feelings about going back to work was noticeable. Some had written about how they would rather break their leg than go back or about their overwhelming reluctance.

People forget just how public their Facebook profile is and it was fun hearing people squirm when their boss commented on their comments!

One social networking tool I have been using is Twitter. Initially sceptical, I am starting to see how useful it is for picking ideas and information and for finding people who are interested in the same things that you are interested in. Addictive is the wrong word for Twitter.

It is a step up from just Googling to find interesting information. With Twitter, you search for terms or topics you are interested in and sign up to or follow the ‘Tweets’ that people write about that and other details.

More often than not, I have picked up information, news and articles which I would never have found through just Googling them.

After a short while, I noticed I was getting a bit overwhelmed with Twitter and following ‘Twitiquette’ which involves politely saying ‘thank you for following me on Twitter’ when people start signing up to hear your Tweets.

So, I found some interesting tools including ‘Tweetdeck’, which sits on your desktop and draws down your Tweets from the internet automatically. Also, there is ‘Tweetlater’ which politely respond to anyone who follows your Tweets for you.

Twitter looks like being a useful tool for seeing what people are saying about your business, or information you are interested in a much more active way than Google or other search engines.

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