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Keeping it simple


Keeping it simple in sales is very important.  To paraphrase Ivan Misner on ‘Entrepreneur.com’ ’Learn how to communicate what you do in a way that’s relatable to your customers and their contacts.’ It’s good advice but surprisingly difficult to achieve.

I have just started a new role with an excellent company of software developers who are very skilled and whose business has been expanding very nicely in the last year and a half despite the difficulties in the economy.

I have come aboard to find us new clients in order to profitably continue the growth.  I have been tasked with developing our strategy for finding and delivering new business. This is a great challenge and it is fun.

The first thing I have asked them before I start talking to prospects is a simple question “What do we best and better than anyone else?” It is always interesting to hear what people think and say when they are asked this question. It is a question which is quite difficult to answer and I am working on it with them.

We need to ensure that we can tell our customers exactly what we do because if we don’t know how can our customers and prospects expect to understand?

I am working on this now before moving onto reworking how we express our services on our web site.

Here is our web site. www.mmtdigital.co.uk If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the message on about what we do, I am very interested to read your suggestions.




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