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Surveys just waste our time

Common rubbish in a bin bag.

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I had to laugh this morning watching the BBC’s breakfast TV show this morning while eating a slice of toast. One news item talked about a new survey which was revealing which fast food retail outlets were the worst offenders for causing litter in the UK.

Why on earth do you need a survey to tell you that? You just have to look at which are the most numerous fast food outlets in your local town or any town you pass through on your travels to make a pretty well informed guess at which those fast food outlet offenders are likely to be.

Of course, it is not the fast food outlets causing the littering. They merely provide the materials for people with less than adequate socials skills to make their statement about not caring about their environments.

It appears that the BBC is littering the airwaves with these nonsensical surveys which just waste our time and don’t reveal anything that we don’t know already.






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