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Google Analytics on your desktop

Adobe AIR

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If you have not heard of Adobe AIR before then it may not be a surprise. However, if you are a marketer and you have not heard of Google Analytics then I would be flabbergasted.

Tracking your visitors and web traffic through the use of Google Analytics is an essential activity for most web marketers these days. This data is one stream of many pieces of information being fed to you all day and everyday as part of your job. It’s a tsunami of information which needs to be tamed and used effectively.

This is where Adobe’s AIR comes in nicely. You don’t really need to know much about AIR if you are not a developer. You just install it for free on your PC or MAC and forget about it.

Then you can download a free tool from the Adobe web site called ‘Google Analytics Reporting Suite’ which sits on your desktop and provides a very nice way to analyse your Google Analytics Analytics tool information in a much more user-friendly way than from the web site.

In the jargon, this is called a ‘Rich Internet Application’ which is software which allows you much more control over how the information that is important to you gets displayed. It’s good and you will see a lot more of these sort of tools which take information from the web and present it to you in a much better way than previously possible.

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  1. madphilips
    18/01/2009 at 10:54 pm

    Hmmn, Will, this came in very handy. I am most grateful..thanks to twitter for making me find you, else i wouldnt have learnt this!

    Who says the internet aint great!

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