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I linked, I found, I met

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One of the most challenging aspects of anyone in sales is finding new prospects and then getting to meet them.

There is a whole industry built around getting sales, closing deals, sales techniques, using the right language, what not to wear and how to win. Most of them don’t tell you how to find them because that is what marketers do, so all of the sales skills in the world are no good unless you can get in find and meet the right people.

There are some good books, of course, and everyone in a business should read at least one sales training book or attend one sales training course in their careers. Knowing how to sell is a life skill.

However, how do you find the new prospects you would like to speak to in the first place?

Of course, you launch a marketing campaign which is put together by a marketing team who generate leads for you. Or you could hire a telemarketing firm to find your prospects for you and book appointments for you.

But, that takes time and money which, if you are a small business, you may not have.

So, to cut to the chase, if you are getting bored of the ‘hype’ around ‘social networking’ and how it is changing the world but you have not participated in any social networking, then WAKE UP!

It’s not all a fatuous exchange of photos taken at student parties (much as though I used to enjoy them). It is an extremely efficient method for finding who you need to speak to for free.

Drop the telemarketing company, and don’t buy a list of names of which you have no way to check its accuracy. Sign up to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and make sure you have your paper address typed into Outlook.

Your basics do not change in identifying the type of people in the roles within the type of organisations you need to target. It is just the ease with which you can find them using tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

I have recently carried this exercise out for finding new prospects for a business I am part of and I have made appointments within the target clients I am looking for within three days of starting my campaign.

Previously, to find new prospects would have been a laborious and expensive task and some companies still expect their people to plough through directories from A to Z.

Those days are gone. Get signed up and get prospecting using social networking tools. It is not the waste of time that some employers think it is. It’s saving you time and enabling you to get sales quicker. 


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