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Touching is allowed


If you happen to be in the San Jose, CA area this April and you feel as though you need to get your hands onto something several times without getting arrested for indecency, then I suggest you arrange a visit to the ‘Interactive Displays 2009’ event.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog (Two-Handed, Ten Fingered Computing), Microsoft Surface computing is now finally starting to creep out into the public domain and to become a reality rather than just a demo at Microsoft stand.

This technology has the scope to totally change the way people interact and think about computing, in so much that it will be less about ‘keyboard’ and more about ‘experience.’

My day job is working with clients to help them work with technology to reach new customers, to raise their sales and to lower costs. We are often asked about touch screen displays and we design and develop many applications for clients.

More often than not, we are asked about the features of touch-screen applications and frighteningly little about why they will be good for a client’s business. Because so much of the technology is new, clients have not had the experience to be able to build a business case. We help our clients understand how the touch screen technology will support their plans and objectives, if at all.

The ‘Interactive Displays 2009’ conference look like it will a very good agenda covering many key concerns of clients wanting to make use of Surface computing or touch screen technology.

If you can go and you don’t want to keep your hands to yourself, then this looks like a good place to be in April.

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