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Marketers Get Oxygen through AIR

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You have to admit, it’s an exciting time right now. When the numbers that the business reporters talk about that have been lost in our banks (and I mean our banks) have so many zeros on the end of them that you don’t know whether you are in Zimbabwe, in Sir Fred Goodwin‘s pension committee, or AIG‘s “How can we make this seem less than the world’s biggest ever corporate loss Committee“, then you know you are in trouble.

Funnily enough, I read an article yesterday saying that Warren Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway fund had fallen by 9.6% in the last year. That does not seem too bad at all in these times!

But what it highlights is one thing which we all need all of them time when in sales and marketing, and that is information. I learnt from an early age in business that if you don’t ‘know your numbers‘ about your sales pipeline, your forecast, your actual sales, or the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, then you are not doing your job correctly.

With information comes insight. With insight comes the ability to make judgements and plans. Without information, you are guessing at best, and speculating at worst.

Any digital marketer worth their salt will know about Google Analytics. It is a free tool which allows you to gather information about your who is using your web site, where they have come from and gone to after visiting your site.

With the increasing movement for creating desktop applications which connect with databases on the web, there comes new opportunities for understanding your customers and the effectiveness of your marketing. eBay Desktop and the BBC iPlayer are examples of these types of ‘Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s)’ which are making web based tools available on your desktop

Today, I saw that developers can now build these RIA’s and incorporate Google Analytics tracking code into them so that  marketers can track not only what customers are doing on their web sites but also in their desktop applications. They build them using tools like Adobe AIR and Flex.

Marketers are able to be accountable for their campaigns to depths not possible five years ago. A marketer will be able to see what type of PC you are using, where you are using it, what you are reading, what interests and what encourages you to buy in detail from wherever you access their site.

You might think that you have stepped off the bus into ‘1984’ with this type of talk.  Or you can think of this as a good thing because it will save you time in future because you will find what you are looking for more quickly.

Whatever your thoughts, if you are marketer, you can be more confident that you know exactly how well your products are faring in detail, unlike our investment bankers who seemed to have lost track of business basics in the last few years.

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