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Radio Broadcasts Go Visual


Watch a radio broadcast? Of course!

One of the things I particularly miss when on holiday or away on business is the BBC news. Anyone who has ever watched the news in the USA will know just how poor their news seems after being used to the BBC. The BBC is so completely available now that there is no need to miss any live news broadcasts from the them.

Last year, I spent six weeks in India and piped in BBC Radio through my laptop and listened as though it was no different from listening at home, apart from a time difference of five and a half hours. Sixteen years ago, I was lying in my tent with my brother in a forest in Cameroon with insects crawling all over the place, listening to the BBC World Service on our short wave radio. I can watch programmes I missed during the week on iPlayer too. I can watch those on my laptop, my mobile phone and soon, we will be able to watch iPlayer through our TV’s.

The BBC is just everywhere. And that’s good. They have almost reached saturation point with making themselves available and accessible. Unless they want to implant chips in our brains which receive digital radio signals, I can’t see how they can make themselves more available.

With this ‘availability saturation’, the BBC has now started to mix its media. Listening to the BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ news programme on the way to work recently, I heard an interview with the well known Kate Adie who was recalling Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. It was very interesting. And, in case you wanted to listen to it again, you can, of course, listen to it again on the iPlayer. But, if that was not enough, you can watch the recording of the interview too which is on the programmes web site.

Where next? I am intrigued.

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