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Microsoft calls Google monopolistic

Kettle calling the pot black?

Kettle calling the pot black?

When Microsoft comes out with a statement that Google is being monopolistic with its digital book initiative, you know that something big is afoot. Microsoft has been in the courts for many years battling against law suits to limit its power in the world of operating systems and web browsers. But more recently, Google has started to become a threat that Microsoft has taken seriously and this would appear to be sour grapes from them towards the search giant.

Publishers are up in arms at the prospect of Google scanning books to them searchable, available and commercial again. It would appear that the amount that Google has to pay publishers for the rights to some of those books is quite small in relation to the number of titles available.

On the other hand, the publishers may well be getting an income from books which were deemed uncommercial before Google became interested in them. Either way, this has to be a good thing for making books more widely available according to how customers want to buy and read them.

Microsoft brands Google settlement ‘wrong’ | theBookseller.com http://ow.ly/oDfw

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