About Will Hawkins

Will Hawkins

Will Hawkins

Will Hawkins started working aged 19 as deckhand on an American yacht in the Mediterranean earning a whole $25 a day. Since then, he has been a British Army Officer, serving in Northern Ireland, and also on the ski slopes of France occasionally.

In 1991, he cycled down Africa, from the UK to Cape Town with this brother, Dan, for a year. Since then he has worked in sales, business development and marketing for several companies including Blackwell’s in Oxford, Microsoft and HP.

Will has set up businesses doing cycling holidays, an online delicatessen and a live, online training company.

Will now helps businesses and organisations make use of digital technology to cut their costs, connect with new customers, increase their sales or raise their profiles. He’s an regular speaker on radio talking about technology. You can listen to some of the recordings below.

Will is married to Penny with two children and lives in Lincolnshire and is hoping to get a motorbike soon to go with his bike licence.

You can email him here: will@digitalbusinessblog.co.uk

Will appears on BBC Radio Lincolnshire from time to time talking about technology on William Wright’s show. Here are some recordings from recent programmes for you to listen to:

Nokia Point & Find and Software as a Service tools

eBooks on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Rich Internet Applications & QR Codes

  1. joanwoodbrey
    10/02/2009 at 9:12 pm

    Hello There,

    I came across your blog and found it to be very interesting and informative. We have a conference coming up in April that Jeff Han of Perspective Pixel, Steven Bathiche of Microsoft, and Mary Lou Jepsen of Pixel Qi will be speaking at. Two of these people were named by Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people.

    The conference will cover advances and challenges with Touch Screens, haptic feedback, holograms, projections and other technologies. I feel this may be a good fit for you to blog about and maybe for us to cross promote.

    I would propose giving you a free press pass to the event and a link on the website in return for a blog or two about the event and a link on your site.

    To check out the event and get more information please visit http://www.int-displays.com.

    If you decide this would be a good fit for you please email me at joan.woodbrey@pira-international.com or give me a call at 207 781 9636.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Joan Woodbrey

  2. Avinash
    04/03/2009 at 7:29 am


  3. peter dodds
    28/03/2009 at 12:11 pm

    How great to lead such an interesting life . I was born in 1941 and as soon as I left school I HAD to get a job to support the family which was broke , poor actually . Went on to do 40 years in the City of London as a trader unfortunately before the mega salaries and bonuses . Enjoy reading and follow on Twitter so look me up . I also write novels which are so far unpublished and hate agents with a passion . Dont want to branch out into an agent do you will . In October I sent some stuff to PFD who lost it after four months and so far have not even acknowledged a really nice uncomplaining letter that I sent to caroline Michel about two weeks ago . How do people stay in business nowadays its beyond me . Will continue to read . regards Peter Dodds peterdodds41 twitter .

    • 30/03/2009 at 1:33 pm

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment. It has been an interesting life so far. It sounds as though you have had an interesting life too, though. I bet you have some good stories and anecdotes about your life in the City. I am following you on Twitter so I will keep an eye out for your comments. What type of novels do you write? Are you asking me if you want me to be your agent?

      Best regards,


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