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The Future of digital photos

I am not a particularly avid photographer but I do snap away with our digital camera with much greater abandon than we when we had a 35mm camera. The problem with it all is storing the digital photos and also making them anything like interesting to look at and present them in a way apart from a collage or a slides show.

How dull!

Well, I saw something from Microsoft which is really very interesting and is the future of digital photography fun. It’s called ‘Photosynth’ and allows you to link photos together using meta tags and then to make digital views of what you have photographed. So, for example, you and a load of friends with digital cameras all take photos of the London Eye from different angles. With Photosynth, you can knit them all together to produce 3D images of the London Eye.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Look at this article in The Register and see for yourself !