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The battle of easiness

08/08/2007 1 comment

Dell Computers have announced that they are going to ship PC’s with Linux as the operating system and not Windows. (Dell rolls out Windows rival in Europe). I am underwhelmed. What a big yawn.

The open source operating system, Linux, has been threatening Microsoft’s Windows operating for some time now. In server technology, Linux is used widely for web servers. On the desktop, there are versions of Linux available for free or a small fee.

Microsoft provokes a lot of negative passion against its operating system and other software from Linux devotees. My brother is a devoted open source techie and spits blood about Microsoft software. I even let him have a go at setting up an old PC of mine with a version of Linux installed so it could act as my web server, proxy server and network server. Afer many hours if fiddling with the machine, it would not work properly. So I ditched it. I just could not be bothered to mess about with it any longer.

With my Windows PC’s in the household, I have enough knowledge to set them up, install new software and hardware and just use them for what they are meant for. Work, play and information.

What is really interesting is what Google is doing with technology for the individual. Their ‘Doc’s and Spreadsheets’ tools, their mail system, and other tools such as Picasa, are excellent and easy to use. I do like Microsoft Office. It’s getting better and better. I like Groove. I like Office Live.

Easy to use! That’s it. That’s all I need. Easy to use as well as easy to access. So, when I say I am underwhelmed by Dell announcing that they are shipping PC’s with Linux installed on them, I couldn’t care less.

As a home user, the operating system will soon become irrelevant to me. What is relevant is what I can do with technology. I can do a lot with Office Live and Google Doc’s and Spreadsheets and I do it online. Soon, I won’t need a big hard drive and masses of applications installed on the machine.

Just give me bandwidth, a browser and make it easy to use!