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Google Analytics on your desktop

15/01/2009 1 comment
Adobe AIR

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If you have not heard of Adobe AIR before then it may not be a surprise. However, if you are a marketer and you have not heard of Google Analytics then I would be flabbergasted.

Tracking your visitors and web traffic through the use of Google Analytics is an essential activity for most web marketers these days. This data is one stream of many pieces of information being fed to you all day and everyday as part of your job. It’s a tsunami of information which needs to be tamed and used effectively.

This is where Adobe’s AIR comes in nicely. You don’t really need to know much about AIR if you are not a developer. You just install it for free on your PC or MAC and forget about it.

Then you can download a free tool from the Adobe web site called ‘Google Analytics Reporting Suite’ which sits on your desktop and provides a very nice way to analyse your Google Analytics Analytics tool information in a much more user-friendly way than from the web site.

In the jargon, this is called a ‘Rich Internet Application’ which is software which allows you much more control over how the information that is important to you gets displayed. It’s good and you will see a lot more of these sort of tools which take information from the web and present it to you in a much better way than previously possible.

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Star Wars Mouse



I saw this on Microsoft’s homepage and it took me a while to understand what it was. It’s their new mouse and it looks great.

It’s as though it has come out of the Apple design studios it’s so different. It’s about time we had some different looking hardware and this mouse is great.

Compared to these old fashioned looking things which 3 Microsoft Wireless Mice v.s. Apple Wireless ...we are all used to.

Image by williamli1983 via Flickr




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Overspending on web development for small businesses

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Some years back, I set up and launched an online delicatessen which sold the produce of small farmers and producers. There was a demand locally and nationally, and it was differentiated from other delicatessens.

I hired a web design company to set up a super web site which had e-commerce capabilities. But, I had no money left to market it effectively and it broke the business.

The lessons were that I should have spent far less on the web site, more time building my business at small markets to begin with, more time writing a blog about food and producers which pointed to my web site and developed my business more cheaply using suitable web methods.

If I had done this, then I would have enabled the business to survive and kept vital cash in the business while still promoting it through my blog and web site.

There was no Twitter at that time and Facebook was barely off the ground. Google Adwords did work and brought me some nice leads, but even then, it cost more money than I had left to market it correctly with the lack of money to do it.

Web sites are important for small businesses but you must keep your scale and your ambitions in check and invest in your web site in line with your clear marketing strategy and budget.







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Surveys just waste our time

Common rubbish in a bin bag.

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I had to laugh this morning watching the BBC’s breakfast TV show this morning while eating a slice of toast. One news item talked about a new survey which was revealing which fast food retail outlets were the worst offenders for causing litter in the UK.

Why on earth do you need a survey to tell you that? You just have to look at which are the most numerous fast food outlets in your local town or any town you pass through on your travels to make a pretty well informed guess at which those fast food outlet offenders are likely to be.

Of course, it is not the fast food outlets causing the littering. They merely provide the materials for people with less than adequate socials skills to make their statement about not caring about their environments.

It appears that the BBC is littering the airwaves with these nonsensical surveys which just waste our time and don’t reveal anything that we don’t know already.






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Will LinkedIn and Twitter kill telemarketing?

13/01/2009 1 comment



I have recently joined a great small business which develops digital Telemarketing officesolutions for its clients and produces very high quality work. I have been hired to develop new business so that they can continue to grow their profits and expand their capabilities.

The small sales team is very good and highly committed. In the past, to generate new leads and appointments they hired the services of a telemarketing company. They pay them £400 per appointment made as long as it is qualified to their requirements.

Fair enough, you may think, for them to pay the telemarketing company that sort of money for making them appointments according to their brief. But, if they make five appointments for them a week the bill soon mounts up (£2,000 a week if your maths is a bit tired!).

I have been encouraging them to use LinkedIn and it was easy to see that using this tool will be far more effective for the sales team to find new clients than paying a telemarketing company.

Using LinkedIn, I found a prospect in the group of one of their existing key clients. We asked their current contact if he knew the person in question and he replied in the positive. We now have an appointment with contact found on LinkedIn and it cost us nothing bar a couple of phone calls and an email, saving us £400.

So, my question is simple. Will LinkedIn, and other tools such as Twitter, kill telemarketing companies when it is far easier and cheaper to find key prospects using these tools?


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Selling like they’re your friends



This is a great article about selling to customers as though they are your friends.–Motives-and-Profits–Avoid-Fear-based-Selling

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Back to social networking blues

Three days back at work and you wouldn’t know that you had been off work. Well, apart form that I have just started a great new job in an exciting business.

My first day was very revealing about the use or misuse of Facebook! The number of people who had written their true feelings about going back to work was noticeable. Some had written about how they would rather break their leg than go back or about their overwhelming reluctance.

People forget just how public their Facebook profile is and it was fun hearing people squirm when their boss commented on their comments!

One social networking tool I have been using is Twitter. Initially sceptical, I am starting to see how useful it is for picking ideas and information and for finding people who are interested in the same things that you are interested in. Addictive is the wrong word for Twitter.

It is a step up from just Googling to find interesting information. With Twitter, you search for terms or topics you are interested in and sign up to or follow the ‘Tweets’ that people write about that and other details.

More often than not, I have picked up information, news and articles which I would never have found through just Googling them.

After a short while, I noticed I was getting a bit overwhelmed with Twitter and following ‘Twitiquette’ which involves politely saying ‘thank you for following me on Twitter’ when people start signing up to hear your Tweets.

So, I found some interesting tools including ‘Tweetdeck’, which sits on your desktop and draws down your Tweets from the internet automatically. Also, there is ‘Tweetlater’ which politely respond to anyone who follows your Tweets for you.

Twitter looks like being a useful tool for seeing what people are saying about your business, or information you are interested in a much more active way than Google or other search engines.

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