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You will need to install reader software that is compatible with your mobile phone. Here are my suggested links for QR Code software

  • Mobile Bar Codes This has a good tool in the top right hand corner for finding the QR code reader software for your mobile phone.
  • Kaywa QR Reader This is a good QR code reader. The site also enables you to create your own QR codes.
  • Generate QR Codes and track their usage with this tool from QReateBUZZ.

Will_Hawkins_-_Digital_Business_200961117519Microsoft Tag

Microsoft has recently come out with their own version of QR codes called ‘Tags’. They are a more colourful version of a QR code and offer the same functionality of the QR codes such as being able to dial a number, link to a web site, or attach a digital business card, for instance. You can measure how many people have scanned the tag which is handy for tracking purposes.

The main advantages I can see are:

  • The speed at which the tag loads the information to your mobile phone. It’s very fast and there is very little need for messing about with trying to line up the code with the camera as can happen with QR codes sometimes.
  • The ease with which I installed the tag reader software onto both of my mobile phones, one of which is a Nokia N96 and the other an HTC Touch Pro with Windows Mobile.
  • They are more colorful and customisable in their designs than QR codes which makes them more attractive.


Bokodes are  new type of code that has come out of MIT. They are designed to be used with a regular digital camera. Here’s an interesting video explaining how they work.

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