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Ten photographs that changed the world

08/09/2009 1 comment

These really did change the world.

Ten photographs that changed the world – Telegraph

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Bumbling Along In Business

Bumbling along is actually a strategy for making changes

Bumbling along is actually a strategy for making changes

If you ever caught yourself that you were just bumbling along in your business, unsure of quite how you made your job or your business successful, then stop that thinking right away. You may start each day with a plan. But, when you look reflect  on the day, you are highly likely to see that, despite achieving a lot, it was not quite what you set out to do that day. Your time might have been spent fixing problems, making decisions, helping team members and coming up with ideas.

According to Professor Tony Watson of the Nottingham University Business School, whom I listened to today on the East Midlands Development Agency’s ‘High Growth Masterclass’ course today, this is not just bumbling along in business. It is actually part of a natural strategy for implementing change in your business task by task each day and which is called ‘logical incremental-ism‘.

We often think that we have to make huge changes in a business to make a difference. Often, we do have to make big changes, such as identifying your company’s points of differentiation in the market and promoting them. But more often, we make changes little by little, moment by moment for the better to achieve change and success in the business.

So, we can now relax in the knowledge that we are making changes everyday in our lives, improving our proposition and products to meet the demands of our clients. It might feel as though we are just getting through each day but it is much more than that. We are unconsciously implementing a strategy of change without noticing it.