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From obscurity to life – Google sheds light on obscure books

So much for the sceptics. Here’s the reality. Google draws attention and buyers to obscure books – The Boston Globe

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Paying for content online moves closer with Google FastFlip

16/09/2009 1 comment

Everyday there are steps made towards people paying for content online which they might have expected to get for free in the past. This is a good thing so that we keep the ability to read well researched articles and information.

The Daily Telegraph is also moving towards paid-for online content through its ‘e-paper‘ program.

Google launches Fast Flip news website – Telegraph

The next thing from Google – Wave

Get your online conversations in sync

Get your online conversations in sync

I was reminded of Google’s new communications tool today by the article below in the Telegraph.

Google demonstrated this some time ago and it looked like it was a very good tool indeed for keeping your online conversations in sync. The challenge with when you chat online is that your conversations with a friend can become disjointed.

For instance, while you are answering your friends last question they ask you another one. You hit the return button and your answer looks as though it is answering the current question. See what I mean? It can become confusing.

Google Wave synchronises email and instant messaging. You need to see it working to see how good it is and to understand it.

Google Wave: Why we’ll soon be waving at each other – Telegraph