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Why do you need 2-D codes

10fyz_qrThis week I am doing a short talk at the Hull Digital networking event about 2-D codes. Here is my slide set for you to download, comment upon and share. Click the link below to go to the page where you can download the slides. You will PowerPoint 2007 or the compatibility add-in if you have a previous version of Microsoft Office.

Why do I need 2-D codes? Free download


Twenty Uses for QR Codes and Tags for Marketing

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qr-codeMobile marketing has a less than solid reputation, unfortunately. It is viewed as a poor cousin to other forms of digital marketing and it is associated with downmarket products, fickle teenagers and annoying ringtones. The ‘Crazy Frog’ ringtone probably did more to damage the medium than any other product sold through mobile phones.

This is unfortunate because mobile phones are being used in different ways by people because the technology in them is increasingly sophisticated. GPS systems, high speed internet access, high resolution cameras and high storage capacity make them more useful for the people using them and, therefore, a good opportunity for marketers and advertisers to provide better services for them.

QR Codes, Microsoft Tag and Nokia ‘Point & Find’ are services which enable people to quickly connect to information such as mobile web sites, videos, MP3 files, text or telephone numbers.

To see how to use these technologies, download the guide above.

Mobile Marketing Gets to the Point

Nokia Point & Find connects offline to online

Nokia Point & Find connects offline to online


The next time you are standing at a bus stop, or you are waiting for a train, take a look around at anything that interests you and take a photograph of it with the camera on your internet enabled phone. For instance, that poster advertising a film that you have heard good reviews about, or perhaps the advertisement for a chocolate bar. Chances are that you will just have photograph of an advertisement on your phone and a pretty shaky one at that unless you are a professional photograph specialising in photos taken through phones.

But wouldn’t it be useful if that photograph led to you finding out where you could see that film in the cinema nearest to you, at what time and buy tickets for it then and there? Or by photographing the chocolate bar on the poster you received a digital voucher which you could redeem in your local corner shop on one of those chocolate bars? Another useful application of your mobile phone could be when you are driving around an area looking for houses you might be interested in buying.

Currently, you have to get the details from an estate agent or an online service about houses and then plan a tour around the area to see which ones you want to view. But, if you see a house on your tour for which you had not printed off the details you would have to mess about calling the agent or logging onto the web to get the details. It’s frustrating and the speed at which you find details on the internet at home or at work makes it all the more so because you cannot find them so quickly when you are away from the web. It would very useful if you could take a snap of the outside of the house on your phone and see details about it immediately to see whether it is in your budget.

Well, this capability is now available through your Nokia mobile via their ‘Point and Find’ service. It allows you to find information like this now. All you need is the ‘Point and Find’ software on your internet enabled phone to get instant information. The service is quick and easy to use. For marketers, it gets around a major hurdle with mobile marketing which is the fact that people don’t like having to tap out more than basic messages on their phones. The three keys activities carried out on mobiles are search, social networking and photography. But search is limited by people’s reluctance to type on their keypads so Google is developing a voice driven mobile version of their search engine.

With services like ‘Point and Find‘ or ‘Amazon Remembers‘ you just need to photograph what you are interested in to get the information you want about the product or service you have seen. The possibilities are endless. And they both meet the ‘Want It Now!’ feeling that we all experience now. Consumers hate having to wait.

Marketers will be able to understand which of their off-line marketing collateral is most effective and which locations are most productive. Marketing investment can be targeted more effectively and efficiently. Mobile marketing will become more mainstream with the reality of instant gratification as the database of products and services are increased in these services.



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