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A Digital Community

Networking is an important part of what I do to meet prospective customers and partners. Jon Moss organises a networking group called Hull Digital which meets once a month in the city. It’s an interesting mix of people who either work or who are interested in the all things digital. Later this month, I will be doing a presentation to the group about 2-D codes.

Here’s a short video of interviews with some of the group members from the meeting in July.


12 Networking Rules

Be genuinely interested in what other people do

Be genuinely interested in what other people do

Networking is an essential activity for anyone in business and it is especially important for people in small businesses to carry out. Small businesses should be very wary of gambling precious resources on buying lists, running advertising campaigns, or carrying out mass mailings.

Networking in its face to face or internet forms is effective, it is easy to measure results and builds strong business for the present and future.As a part of the marketing mix, it has to be near the top of the list for allocation of resources for small businesses.

Nevertheless, it has to be carried out in a professional, targeted and considered way. If you network in an amateur way, you will immediately present your business as one which is less than credible. I network a lot and it is fruitful. I meet a lot of people and some of them become clients and some of them become contacts.

Some events are clear that networking is a definite part of the structure. Some events do not stress that networking is part of the structure but it is implied by the fact that everyone eats and drinks together at the event and if you are not using the time to network then you that’s your bad luck. Some events are well organised for networking. Some are poor.

The more I attend networking events, the more I learn about how to make them work for me and other people. I follow some rules which make the time productive and increase the return that you gain from it. If you are thinking about whether to do more networking as part of your marketing mix, these rules might help you.

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